Shower Heads for a Remodeled Bathroom


Homes in the United States typically have a bathtub in their bathrooms, which also double as showers. The idea of remodeling a bathroom brings forth the question of buying a new bathtub. Alternatively, one can scout around for a shower stall as well, especially if the bathtubs available cannot be used for showers. Besides, shower stalls are easier to maintain.

A shower stall can be selected depending upon the space available in one’s bathroom. If a bathtub has to be replaced with a new one and the best rain shower head also has to be set up alongside, then a very limited area is left for the shower stall. The only way more space can be created is by remodeling the entire bathroom and making the best possible use of every inch of the area. With this a lot more space can be created and one would have a wider selection of shower stalls to choose from.

The next step then, would be to look for the best shower stall available according to the space and size decided upon. Retail outlets and home improvement stores offer a large variety of shower head. Online options can be looked into as virtual stores sell just about everything. While one comes across kits for every type of equipment, it is also possible that one may not be able to find everything needed in one store. The whole shower kit includes a shower floor, shower walls, a door for the shower and the shower head. These might have to be picked up from more than one store, as some might sell flooring alone and others specialize in fittings.

If part of the remodeling plan includes doing away with the bathtub and replacing it with a stand-alone shower, then a wider range is available in terms of design, size, quality and prices. Prices of stand-alone showers start at around two hundred dollars for the most basic one and spiral upwards according to quality, size and finish.

Shower stalls and kits are available in plenty in home improvement stores found in every city and also online. Buying a complete shower kit is always more convenient and economical. Both retail stores and online shops offer a large variety of options. However home improvement stores score over virtual stores by virtue of their displays and demonstrations on how to assemble the kits being sold. This facilitates the installation process and one is also able to compare the functionality of the various kits available.

The biggest job is to purchase the shower kit, and once the kit reaches home, more than half the work is done. All kits carry detailed step by step instructions, and it is possible to fit the whole shower stall without anyone’s help. This makes the process of transforming and remodeling the bathroom a very easy task. The end result is a new-look bathroom.